Useful Apps


1. Stipator: Technology To Bodyguard Women
Stipator means ‘bodyguard’ in latin, the application is designed to help working women feel secure and safe while they commute. This mobile app acts as a bodyguard for women and lets them be tracked while on the road, posting their whereabouts at regular intervals on popular social networks. This app is compatible with Windows phone. You can download it for free.

2. SOS stay safe
A personal safety app that allows the user to reach out for help by sending an SMS and/or an email to the emergency contacts along with a one-minute voice recording, giving exact location and battery status of the phone, with a simple phone-shake. These are sent at regular intervals to provide real time GPS tracking for your location. This app is available to download for free on Android.

3. Bachchao – advanced version
Bachao can be used to keep trusted friends informed of your location when travelling to a new city or staying out late. Bachao provides two main services in the event of a crime: 1) It sends an alarm via SMS to one or more trusted friends and 2) it records a video which can serve as a digital witness when no live witnesses are around. The message that your friends receive includes location information to help them get possible help for you. This app is compatible with Android and can be installed for free.

4. YatraMiTR
This apps helps to keep a track on the user’s location. The user has to first register in the app with her mobile number and desired password. Whenever she gets in to a cab/auto at late night, parents/family members can go to Yatramitr website and login using the mobile number and password. This app also features Dynamic GPS and GPRS-based auto-fare calculator, and provides information on night-time fare. The app also gives information on the nearest police station, hospitals, bus stands, restaurants, railway station, etc.

5. Himmat
The app is launched by Delhi Police and is highly recommended to the women in Delhi. For using the app, the user has to download the app from the Play Store or App Store. After that, the user will receive an OTP which has to be entered to complete the configuration of the app. If a user gets into some trouble, she just has to send an SOS alert message from the app which will directly send her location and audio-video information to the Delhi Police control room. After which the nearest police will be informed and they can reach to help the victim on time.

5. bSafe – Personal Safety App
bSafe is a personal safety app that allows the users to set up their own social personal safety network of friends, family, and coworkers. The app features a Live GPS tracking method through which the contacts can trace the user’s movement whereever he/she is. It also has an automatic alarm, called Timer Mode, that will trigger if the user has not checked in time. The user can also make the phone ring itself using the Fake Call feature in which he/she can also define the identity of the caller.

6. CitizenCOP
CitizenCOP is a location based safety app. As the name suggests, it allows the user to report any criminal or illegal activity anonymously. The user can also call the police and can report about the lost or stolen articles. Keeping women safety in mind, the app comes with features like live tracking, emergency calls, and SOS alert so that the chosen contacts can locate the user when they are in trouble.

7. Hawk Eye – Telangana Police
The app is offered by the IT cell Hyderabad Police and offers a variety of services to the user. The highlight of the app is its feature called, Women Travel Made Safe. This feature ensures the safety of working women who travel alone especially during odd hours of the day. All they have to do is click the photograph or video of the vehicle before boarding, note down vehicle no., place of boarding and send it online to police. They can send the details of their traveling experience after reaching the destination.

8. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative
VithU is an emergency app that starts sending the alert messages to the designated receivers or guardians of the user in every two minutes at the click of the power button two times consecutively. The message that is sent reads, "I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location." The receiver will also get a link to the user’s location along with the message which will provide the details of the updated location of the user in every two minutes.

9. Smart 24x7- Personal Safety App
In this app, the user can get the instant help by just following a three step easy procedure. This includes pressing the PANIC Button, selecting the types of services required and submitting the request. The PANIC Button sends a panic alert to selected receivers during the emergency situation and if GPRS is not working the alert message is generated by SMS.

10. Tell Tail
Tell Tail is an app developed by DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd) to provide a helping hand to women and other citizens while traveling. The user can share its location with his/her contacts by either using the GPS installed in auto, bus or any public transport vehicle or using the GPS of his/her own phone.

11. My Safetipin: Personal Safety & Women Safety App
So far we have seen a variety of apps that are designed for the safety of the users. But, My Safetipin is slightly different app. Apart from sending the location of the user and alert messages to the contacts in emergency situations, this app helps the user in taking safer decisions, especially when traveling in the night. By safer decisions we mean, it allows the user to take the safest route to reach their destination on the basis of the safety score of the area. The app calculates the safety score of a place on the basis of certain parameters like visibility, diversity, crowd, public transport, walk path, security etc. and alerts the user when they enter any unsafe location.

12. Raksha - women safety alert
The Raksha app is designed to ensure that women stay safe always. The app comes equipped with a button, which will send alerts to your loved ones with your location in a situation of distress. You can select the contacts, which will be able to see your location. Moreover, if the app is switched off and is not working then also you will be able to send alerts by simply pressing the volume key for three seconds.

13. Shake2Safety
The Shake2Safety app is the easiest to use. The user just needs to shake their smartphone or just press the power button four times to send an SOS text or call to the registered numbers. It works with the locked screen on and even without an internet connection. Moreover, the users will also have the ability to activate or deactivate the option of shaking the device to send an alert.